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Here is a care guide to keep your fursuit parts looking brand new!

♡ Brush!
The first and most important part to keeping clean and looking tidy is keeping your suit parts brushed at all times! Remember to brush your suit before or after each use :)


♡ Wash!
When the parts do become dirty, here is how you wash them:

 • Head
Take a wet cloth or toothbrush and use bleach free washing detergent to spot wash all the dirty parts. A bathtub scrub works well too. Getting the head wet is alright as long as it is completely dried afterward. (Not being fully dry could invite mold!)

If access to an upholstery cleaning machine is available, I highly recommend using that to clean!

 • Bodysuit
Fill a bathtub with luke warm water and bleach free washing detergent and soak. Remove all digitigrade padding for a faster dry time. Hand scrub all areas of the suit and squeeze the water out. Empty the tub and fill it once again with cold water and rinse.

 • Handpaws/Feetpaws/Tail
These items can be washed in a tub the same as the bodysuit, these parts will have foam/stuffing in them so they will be heavier and will dry slower!

 • Drying
After doing an in depth fullbody brush, it's best to lay out some towels and set your parts on them to dry. Do not hang your bodysuit, as doing so may lead to minor stretching. The fur becomes very heavy when wet and could stretch and disproportion your suit if hung on a hanger. Fans can be used to speed up the drying process!


When you are drying your fursuit parts, brush them every few hours until dry. This ensures that the fur looks it's best!

 • Machine Wash
You can wash your fur parts in the washing machine, as long as you use EXTRA care. Find a setting that does not use any hot water or heat. Every part can go in except for the head and feetpaws with outdoor bottoms. You should only use bleach free detergent, and preferably delicate detergent. Make sure to use the "delicate" cycle as to not harm your fursuit.

 • Dryer
Using a dryer can help your suit dry faster but also can be detrimental if put on the wrong setting. Make sure there is no heat, and that the setting is on delicate.


♡ Repairs
Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, so that means some maintenance might need to be done. Most seams can be repaired with a sewing needle or a hot glue gun, those can be found at any dollar store! If there are any repairs you can not fix, or do not know how, you can send the item back to me and I will repair it for free or a small fee depending on the severity. A refurbishment is always an option as well! (Shipping must be paid for both sending and returning)


♡ Upkeep
Some people choose to have an emergency sewing/repair kit, slicker brush, and fursuit spray with them or on their handler at all times. These items are good to have and are encouraged! If you purchase a minimum of two fursuit items, then a free brush and fursuit spray comes complimentary!



If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to contact me!

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