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Custom heads starts at $1300.

Every additional colour of fur after 3 choices is an added $35.


Each head is handmade with love and care, and is created with high quality upholstery foam and faux fur. All seams are sewn and the fur is shaved with precision.

Comes with a sweat-wicking inside lining, removable plush tongue, plush teeth, plush pickable nose, and removable/interchangeable 3D follow me eyes.

+Magnetic eyelids - $40

A basic foam head base is $600

A ready to fur head base is $675

Handpaws and Feetpaws

Handpaws start at $250.

Additional colours after 2 is an added $20

All handpaws are puffy four finger paws, and five finger handpaws are made by request.

+Claws - $25

Feetpaws start at $300.

Additional colours after 2 is an added $20


Feetpaws come with a soft mat bottom used for indoor use. 

Plush pawpads can be chosen for indoor use, and outdoor mat bottoms are created with a hard durable mat bottom.

+Soft indoor pawpad bottoms - $40

+Hard outdoor bottoms - $60

+Claws - $25


A 1.5 foot tail and under is $100.

For a very rough estimate, every added foot is an additional $40

Every additional colour after 3 is an added $20

Price is estimated with complexity.


A plantigrade bodysuit is $950.

+Additional colours of fur after 3 is an added $45

+Digigrade padding - $250

Mini Partial

Mini partials start at $1,650.

A mini partial includes a head, a tail, and handpaws at base price.

+ Additional colours of fur after 3 could be an added $20 - $35


Partial sleeves - $120

Partial legs plantigrade - $500

Partial legs digigrade - $750

+Additional colours of fur after 3 is an added $45


Full Partial

Partials start at $1,950.

A partial includes basic level handpaws, feetpaws, tail, and a head.

+ Additional colours of fur after 3 could be an added $20 - $35



Fullsuits start at $2,900.

A fullsuit includes a head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws, and a plantigrade bodysuit

(Every colour of fur after 3 choices is an additional $45)

Digigrade - $3,150



All the prices are just an estimate. For a more accurate price, email me with a reference sheet and you will receive a quote. All prices are in USD.

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