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Terms of Service

♡  All prices are in USD.

♡  Buyers must pay shipping at the same time of the last payment.

♡  Any expected deadlines should be discussed and specified before the first payment is received.


  A duct tape dummy should be made and sent to the studio before starting a commission for the making of fullsuits and digitigrade legs.

♡  A clear 2-view reference sheet is needed for a commission. Anything shown on the reference sheet will be on the product, so be sure it is updated and correct.

♡  Any specific modifications to an item should be explained in detail before the start of a commission. Stormy Fluff Creations has the right to refuse any changes to a commission after starting on any piece.

♡  Any changes to a design of a character after materials have been ordered may result in a fee of up to $200 depending on the materials.

♡  Most items are a one size fits all. If there are any size requests please mention them before the first payment. A bodysuit, feetpaws, or legs should not be purchased unless you are fully grown/over the age of 18. Stormy Fluff Creations is not responsible for adjusting any misfitting items.


♡  Minors need permission and a signed agreement from their parent or guardian to commission.


♡  Payment plans are 3 payments of 30% down payment, 30% second payment, and 40% third payment. Payment can be accepted by PayPal or E-transfer.

♡  Estimated completion dates will be discussed when contacted. First payment is expected immediately when chosen for a commission, second when the commission is started, and third when the commission is completed.​​​

♡  If payments are more than one week late, a $50 late fee may apply.


♡  If no payments have been received 3 months after the completion of an item, your product may be subject to changes of markings and reselling of items on social media.


♡  If a product is lost in shipping a refund will not be available.

♡  Full refunds and returns are not available. I have the right to deny a refund for any reason.

♡  Item completion times may be delayed for any reason.

♡  Receiving work from Stormy Fluff Creations means you will appear on social media and website as examples of my work, and you will be accepted into the Stormy Fluff Family.


♡  My Terms and Services are subject to change at any time.


♡  By commissioning Stormy Fluff Creations you agree you have read and agree with  everything above.

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